So long, and thanks for all the fish

I started this rope bondage tutorial site nearly two decades ago because I felt that learning from step by step tutorials that you could print out and follow along was vastly superior to repeatedly pausing a YouTube video.

It has been gratifying to see that over a 1,000 people per month come to this site and learn from it and continue to do so after so many years. I hope that, in some small way, I’ve made the rope community and the world a better place by making this resource available.

I always intended to add and refresh content on this site over time but my engagement with the kink community has evolved over time and has shifted almost entirely away from rope. Meanwhile, the rope community itself has evolved in new directions that are so different from where I started that we’re speaking different languages.

This leaves me here finally making the decision that I’ve put off for years now. It feels like giving up the final bit of what was once the biggest part of my life. Even while writing this, I have a pang of sadness but it is time.

I’ll still be around, I’m still on FetLife, still out engaging in the public scene spaces. I’m just doing different things these days. Perhaps I’ll see you there.

– Monkey